Mega 2021 contest - Most Integrated Design Awarded to TU Delft students

After the exciting final presentations given during the end of June, Team 10 (VIA towers) was declared the winner of the ‘most integrated design’ award, which is an initiative of TU Delft and Techniplan Adviseurs. Ten teams composed of students from the study programs Architecture, Management in the Built Environment, Building Technology and Civil Engineering at TU Delft competed to create the most integrated design as part of the Masterstudio MEGA 2021. The topic of this year’s assignment was the M4H project (Merwe-Vierhavens Rotterdam), a multifunctional complex with 7 different clusters covering a gross total of 145,000 m² in floor area.

Thrilling finale
After months of hard work, the ten student teams presented their final design during an online meeting last Friday to a jury consisting of lecturers from TU Delft and professionals from the field, including Jelle de Graaf and Ruben Cardose from Techniplan Adviseurs. One of the key judging criteria was whether all disciplines were integrated in a holistic design. In other words, whether the design is architecturally, structurally, and financially sound with the appropriate installations, while at the same time considering the sustainability and the feasibility of the project.

And the award goes to….
While several teams had creative designs and original solutions, one group stood out in terms of integral design. After carefully analyzing every discipline, Team 10 was the winner leaving no box unchecked, as far as we are concerned. They succeeded in making a design in which they considered the facade and construction in relation to the energy consumption as well as all the necessary installations. The integration of the installations into the construction and the architectural elements was also considered.

A great example of the integral design is the roof of the atrium. The wooden structure of the roof is designed to keep out the sun in the summer, but to still allow sufficient daylight throughout the year. In short, a solution that provides both a healthy indoor climate, sufficient daylight, and an energy-efficient building. The atrium also functions as the place that connects all the different functions. The facade considers an optimal open/close ratio per user function. This facade ensures that the building looks different from every orientation.

Team 10 won a weekend stay in Rotterdam. Techniplan Adviseurs has been sponsoring this project for years with the ‘most integrated design’ award, to introduce the designers of tomorrow to an integrated design process, encouraging them to think outside of the box and come up with integrated and sustainable designs. Apart from the ‘most integrated design award’, additional awards were given for the ‘most innovative design’, ‘most innovative fire safety’ and ‘most innovative computational design process’. We would like to thank all teams for their efforts and congratulate team 10 with their victory.

Team 10: Floor Eerden, Romeny Koreman, Eren Gozde Anil, Stella Pavlidou, Ewout van der Heijden, Arend-Jan de Nooijer, Rik Kwakman, Jornt Bieze and Randy Bongers.